Forum Title: Back Pack Vac - for carpets? Powered floor attachment?
Howdy So, I'm loving the idea of the back pack vac, but wonder if they are good with general carpet cleaning? Seems like, without a beater brush, they wouldnt be too good. I found this: which seems to plug into the main power, and therefore clean like an upright or a canister. Whatcha think?
Category: Carpet Post By: BARRY MONTGOMERY (Santa Clara, CA), 02/09/2019

I was looking at the link that you posted and I have to say that Backpack vacs are great especially for general carpet cleaning! Adding the power nozzle that you linked would be icing on the cake. I have done business with and they are very focused on customer satisfaction which is so hard to find these days. With Free Shipping and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, I don?t think that you would go wrong by giving it a try. I did, and I am 100% satisfied!

- LEO BREWER (Lehi, UT), 05/03/2019

Cool. I guess I should mention that we're a small cleaning co. starting out. Are you pro or home owner? So, you're able to vacuum the carpet well without the beater brush? Seems like if the floor schnozzle didnt have wheels it'd be hard to push back and forth? Also, I'm looking to have a system where I could be doing the main vacuum thing, and then switch off to a handheld crevice tool as needed and then back to the main floor. Seems like the perfect vac can do that?

- AMBER WILLIAMSON (Shreveport, LA), 04/18/2019

I am an individual that got to use one of the PerfectVacs backpacks in our corporate office to do some cleanup. We had different depths of carpet in our office and I was cleaning it all. To answer your question about the power nozzle, it depended on the type of floor surface as to 'which tool works best' since there is a right tool for each job you are looking to accomplish. On the tile and the commercial carpet squares (the ones that are not a deep shag) there was plenty of suction in the backpack. The power nozzle worked best on the deeper shag carpets. It gave it that nicer carpet lines that the management wanted to see and it did a real good job cleaning up any debris that was on the floor. I spoke several times to PerfectVacs customer care on which vac would serve my needs best and they were very knowledgeable and got me the 'right tool for the job'. They also have parts on hand in case I needed to replace a broken part down the road, which was definitely a selling point for me. The main thing that PerfectVacs customer care told me was to give it a try, if I don?t like it then return it. 100% Satisfaction. I couldn?t go wrong.

- Hannah Morris (Newark, NJ), 03/31/2019

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